Vision & values


All our employees shall be given as meaningful and varied tasks as possible, including them in such way that they have the chance to feel, act and perform as a key person in our company. We shall all make sure that everyone gets home healthy and safe and look forward to come back to work the next day.


Safety First - The safety of our workers and partners in all areas are the highest priorities for our employees, contractors, families and customers.

Respect - Being fair, firm, and consistent but humble and honest, showing respect for those we work with, partners, customers, and respect others point of view.

Quality on Time - Our customers shall trust that all our products will be of the highest quality and being delivered on time. We will make sure that all routines engaged in our production line will be of the highest standard but still continuously be subject to any improvement.

Work Together - We provide multiple surface treatment and coating solutions that represent the highest of standards of quality and reliability. We always aim to work closely with our customers to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.